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Focused, goal-oriented issue campaigns are at the heart of RI-CAN’s work; we like to say, “it’s how we get things done.” Through op-eds, rallies, school board meetings and letters to political leaders, our campaigns aim to mobilize a movement of concerned citizens to get commonsense reforms passed through the Rhode Island State Legislature.


2016 Policy Goals

RI-CAN advocates for a high-quality education for all Rhode Island students, regardless of zip code. This year, we'll be reimagining Rhode Island for the future of our state—our kids. Find out what our policies priorities are for 2016 and follow along for ways to get involved!



2015 Policy Goals

Here at RI-CAN, we work every year to secure policy changes that will move us closer to the public education system of the future, where all children have the opportunity to fulfill their full potential. Check out our 2015 campaign priorities, and make sure to follow us to get the latest updates as we work to accomplish these goals. 



Modern Funding for Modern Schools

Rhode Island needs modern funding to have modern schools. This year, let's continue to make investments that will help all of our schools—and the students they serve—modernize: 1) create a sustainable and equitable funding program for school facilities, 2) enable all districts to provide full-day kindergarten and 3) continue implementing the new school funding formula.



Be a Superhero

Our first-ever legislative campaign, Be a Superhero, asked Rhode Islanders from the statehouse to the schoolhouse to stop waiting for superman and instead be our own superheroes by pushing through three commonsense goals to transform our public schools. 



The Rising Tide

 John F. Kennedy, Jr. famously said, "A rising tide lifts all boats." RI-CAN's 2012 legislative campaign,The Rising Tide, advocated for three education reforms to lift all boats in Rhode Island classrooms.